Company transfer and appraisal


The operations of a company transfer, whether acquisitions or disposals, are an integral part to the changes of all economic activity.  As head of a company, you are confronted regularly with needs that vary with your strategic orientations: diversify your activities, find an opportunity to face a competitor, rebound from the lowest point in your market history, refocus, oinstead, on the heart of your business, or leave the company with or without opportunity for family transfer…

But buying or selling a company supposedly brings one closer to other players in the market (competitor or non-competitor companies, investors….) all while controlling the efforts of such an approach: efficient management in precious time, control over disseminated, confidential information, maintain equality in negotiations with third parties and especially succeed in transactions to avoid the feeling of frustration that springs as the first reason for abandonment from the head of the company!

Our team is specialized in company transfers and appraisals, so if you should buy or sell, we have a service for you!

We work in the context of mergers, disposals, inheritance, prior to any legal and financial operations.
- Appraisals
- Assistance with negotiations
- Financial engineering
- Financial reporting

*These presentations are conducted in the strictest sense with the ethical rules and professional behaviour relating to our parent institutions.