Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development, CSR, Stakeholders, these words - almost unknown a few years ago - are nowadays a key issue for numerous business leaders and their strategic discussions. Under environmental pressure (clients, suppliers, employees, institutional… and today regulation), business leaders must now integrate environmental and social issues into their economic model.

The key challenges of CSR are thus part of the new risks that General and Financial Management have to manage. This is, therefore, raising many practical questions: what are the risks and opportunities for the company? How to adapt the direction of the company in order to integrate this new way to deal with the company's connections with its environment? How to choose and measure this non-financial information which will be reported on the dashboard? How to be transparent on these questions, while managing the company's image with third parties?...

How to convert these extra-financial indicators into financial information that is easily understood by the head of the company is surely still a complex and controversial exercise, but a global and organized CSR approach ensures optimum control of significant risks for each business, while contributing to maintain a financial balance. These two conditions are necessary for its sustainability. In an economic context, characterized by a restrained growth, it seems essential to us to go back to this common sense approach, which will contribute increasingly to the company's future performance.

Through our services dedicated to CSR, we want to give you the keys to understand the current CSR environment and its interaction with your activities, from regulation to value-added opportunities, and to support you in the integration of this new productive level in your overall running of the company.

We are able to support you in:

  • identifying the key risks and opportunities for your organization,

  • defining an action plan and implementing it through the organization's procedures,

  • designing monitoring indicators and implementing a CSR steering system, integrated at a the global level,

  • compiling data in order to report and implement updated communications.

To this end, we are working closely with a law firm, which specialize in security and environmental issues, as well as with experts and external providers who are able to work with you during different stages to strengthen the CSR effort: "corporate" communication, search for funding,…

For more information, please contact: Jean-Philippe BOHRINGER