Danielle BARDREAU-GILBERT, holds a doctorate (DEA) of science in organizations obtained at the University of Paris Dauphine and has worked the majority of her career with the Paris firm of JPA.
Public accountant and statutory auditor, she is in charge of a portfolio of clients emphasizing on the industrial sector as well as family-run companies.In addition, she has developed particular skills in the context of more specific tasks :

  1. Introduction in stock exchange (IPO)
  2. Mergers / redevelopments

Keen on management and team management, she is also specialized in question analysis linked from organization problems and internal control.
Lastly, due to her career path and long-term interest in foreign cultures, she is naturally in charge of public accounting services for international clients with JPA Paris.
Actively wishing to strive within her profession, she has throughout her professional career provided doctoral training intended for colleagues in charge of statutory auditing and has also participated in the approach of Internal Quality Control to the professional institution.
To Ms. Bardreau-Gilbert, involvement in the corporate world allows the human to be put back in the center of problems.
The exercise of professional practice is inseparable from the idea of attentive listening to each open case by each client, then searching for optimal solutions with respect to prime individuals.