Jean-Philippe BOHRINGER


Jean-Philippe BOHRINGER graduated from the Institut de Commerce Supérieur.  He is also a statutory auditor and a certified public accountant.

Starting from his enrollment with the board of the Order in 1994, he joined the JPA team as chief executive officer.
Putting to use his chartered accountant master’s thesis on real estate operations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he has since notably developed his activities dedicated to financial corporations as well as to real estate: architecture, real estate growth, provider of goods…

In addition, Jean-Philippe Bohringer is strongly invested in extra-professional activities, sources of pragmatic reflections, and perspectives on the financial profession in a general sense.He has been president of the CCEF from 2008 to 2011 (Compagnie des Conseils et Experts Financiers), an association that brings together more than 600 professionals in finance: public accountants, statutory auditors, lawyers, notary publics, academics, realtors, evaluators, actuaries etc.  This association offers to enrich its members in their professional experiences of similar visions by sharing their skills.

He launched, at the same time, several clubs dedicated to management corporations:  the RCCI club allows changes on the implementation of AMF regulation (Authority of Financial Markets) between managers of the accordance and internal control; the Managers club aims to evoke discussions around common themes.
Lastly, he is a founding member of the AFIDU (Association of Fiduciary Lawyers) and a member of the Board of trustees of LCL Interfimo.