Listed Companies, Groups

but also insurance companies, credit institutions, mutual insurance companies, associations and foundations requesting for public donations.

Since the creation of the JPA team, we have been a benchmark in auditing, having always made the quality of our financial information fundamental.  We have been led to verify the accounts of numerous listed corporations and other entities of public interest (EIP) but also to accompany their changes while actively participating with the thoughts on the legislative environment that, today, govern these activities where financial information takes on a particularly tender subject.

In addition, the JPA team appears amongst the founding members of Adaceip who, in 2007, put in place the AFAQ Engagement de Service® (commitment to service) certification in Premium Statutory Auditing, to demonstrate and show a high quality service in our auditing assignments for EIP, consolidated corporations, and entities with combined accounts.

This demand for excellence addresses all the entities of which the titles are administered through negotiations on a regulated market or requests for public donations, social security institutions, credit institutions, companies governed by the insurance code, contingency institutions, mutual insurance companies or mutual unions as well as all the corporations or other institutions who publish consolidated accounts.

We have been certified Audit Statutaire Premium by the AFAQ since 2007 and therefeore commit ourselves in the respect of each one of the mandates concerned to the following 12 commitments:

1- Ensuring the independence of teams and the absence of conflicts of interest

2- Providing highly skilled teams

3- Deploying trained teams matched to the client’s environment

4- Offering an optimised responsiveness

5- Offering a working methodology adapted to the client’s mode of operation

6- Bringing support from skilled specialists in specific areas

7- Providing services on an international scale

8- Arranging for an added value co-audit service

9- Providing quality support

10- Applying an approach geared towards a permanent relationship with the client

11- Providing a “quality” review before issuing reports

12- Monitoring client satisfaction

This frame of reference offers you a guarantee of continued service through an initial audit certification renewed every three years.

*To know more on Adaceip (the association for the development of statutory auditing in the entities of the public interest (EIP)):