The JPA firm takes in charge the achievement of all kind of payrolls (no minimum amount required: from one paycheck of up to 250 and more). In context, the specific duties of employers arising from the different social exceeded thresholds are fully covered.

We may also ensure the proper implementation of all collective agreements, regardless of the field of activity (including construction, heath and social, sales representatives, Syntec ...)We provide our customers with a programming tool for real-time access to their paychecks, as well as being able to input variable data in order to ensure an optimal reaction.

You are a customer (e) of the JPA office access here your private space: JPAPAIE For any other questions concerning the application of social law, JPA has established a dedicated department, led by a lawyer specializing in labor law.

You will find more information in the tab Board / Management of Social. And if you want to stay up to date with the reglementary changes in this area, visit the news page available to you on this website.