Richard BONNET

Richard BONNET holds a masters of science in management (Magistère Sciences de Gestion) from the University of Paris Dauphine and is a statutory auditor registered by the Regional Company of Paris Statutory Auditors (la Compagnie Régionale des Commissaires aux comptes de Paris).  He joined the JPA office in 1996, and has been a partner since 2008.

Beyond legal auditing tasks, he mainly works in the field of Corporate Finance while accompanying his clients with their merger transactions, contributions and reorganization, but also in the legal context for the merger or contribution special certification. He is also specialized in financial and intangible assets evaluation for companies in connection with strategic and particular financial development, independent appraisals during transactions requiring funding from banks or reconciliations between stockholders, but also in the context of transfers.Lastly, he contributes to the accompaniment of clients in their financial strategy during transfer transactions, disposal / acquisitions…

Within the JPA team, Mr. Bonnet actively works with the development of the Limoges offices, JPA Audit Limoges and JPA Enterprises Limoges, with the help and contribution from local teams.