Social economics and engaged


For more than 15 years, the department of Social Economics and Solidarity and Associations has been in charge of problems based in the non-profit sector and in addition, works on different tasks that can consist of developed activities in associations.

We have developed a true expertise in this domain all while following our standards for quality service and operating well on all levels and in all domains based in accounting, tax, assessment as well as set up internal control, define management standards, social environment, legal engineering…In order to bring you a complete service, efficient and integrated, we also work with an organization of specialized lawyers. Because your understanding of current issues and changes in regulations is essential in a more and more formalized context, we have worked for many years to facilitate your information, through a quarterly JPA AGORA letter for company leaders, as while as contributing to the composition of the monthly newsletter Associations Mode d’Emploi (Associations Manual) and various guides.

To subscribe to the JPA AGORA letter: send an email to and write in the subject line « JPA AGORA » .With a portfolio of more than 200 associations in a variety of sectors ranging from health and social welfare, to cultural training or the cultural field integrated through economics, or even cultural or sport action, we wish to contribute to recognition of values like an engine in tomorrow’s society!